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The first part of the course was very much an introduction to London Underground, Team Building exercises, researching various aspects of London Underground such as signals, train composition, a visit to You will undergo some rigorous theory work, as well as hands-on training with different types of trains and their associated systems. So now it was back to Acton Town, to get the Licence signed and to be allocated duties from the following day for the rest of the week. braking times required) High level of concentration for long periods of time in a non-stimulating environment Ability to work in isolation for long periods of time Patience Working hours: Candidates will http://assistepc.com/train-driver/london-underground-train-driver.php

main product features The ‘Top 10 Insider Tips and Advice’. We were told that the examination could last anything up to three and a half hours and that no one had ever done it in less than one hour forty-five minutes. The recruitment process for London's tube drivers suggests they are an exclusive group, with just over 3,000 working in the capital. The final leg of your assessment centre testing will likely involve two computer tests intended to gauge your abilities of concentration and reflex. http://www.traindriver.org/london-underground.html

London Underground Train Driver Application Form

Much of it was the same as we had gone through in our training as Station Assistants or during "Annual Test of Rules", although some aspects of signalling were more in It is the perfect guide to help you prepare for the tough London Underground train driver interview. Indeed, both trains were in passenger service – the DMT simply gets the Train Operator of these trains to hand over the train to you – he remains in the cab, This will involve you looking at mechanical diagrams and then predicting the result of the mechanism in question. [19] The second part of the mechanical portion of the test will require

Shift work will certainly be part of your working conditions and should be accepted from the outset. Again, the interview is "competency based" and I duly gave answers to the matters they required covered. This was the start of the hard work, and there were a number of critical points that had to be reached, assessed and passed if we were to be able to Drivetube With ultra-efficiency, Jiles has already closed the doors and the train is pulling forward: she has disappeared into the next black hole.

Up to this point I had never really thought that the "Train Side" would be avenue which would open up to me. My collection of training manuals, notes and knowledge was increasing daily and my bag was getting heavier by the day with material I was carrying around. I have to say that I felt that several who were rejected were just as good as I and I was disappointed for them. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/general-election-2015/politics-blog/11730449/Want-to-be-a-Tube-driver-Well-you-cant.-Heres-why.html ABOUT THE ASSESSMENT DRIVE FOR BECOMING A LONDON UNDERGROUND TRAIN DRIVER Understanding the responsibilities of a train driver is very important.

But once you've got through the (full time) training period, 2 x nights per week for ca. 21K isn't bad. Scaat Test There had also been a couple of examples of tensions between individuals on the course and the Instructors were quick to step in and rearrange the groups to alleviate these and He then looks at your driving skills. ORDER THE 219-PAGE ‘HOW TO BECOME A LONDON UNDERGROUND TRAIN DRIVER' AND RECEIVE A FREE INTERVIEW SKILLS GUIDE!

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You also have to know the route you will follow and coordinate with the control centre. We started with looking at matters such as stock formations (how a train is made up), where the different equipment is located, how compressed air is generated and distributed around the London Underground Train Driver Application Form So this was a fairly easy week but had the benefit of being able to get to know each other. London Bus Driver Salary As my leave was approaching and I had not been informed of my training dates, line or depot I phoned Ashfield House to see if they had any news.

If you had no ability for things mechanical or being able to follow a sequence through, you would now be really struggling to keep up with all that was coming your navigate to this website Again, the amount of information coming at you is immense and you know that you’re going to questioned on it by the DMT when the day of your Road Test dawns. You will get FREE 30-days access to hundreds of tests including Group-Bourdon tests and Ability Tests! Midday came and went; one o’clock came and went and I was still waiting. Train Driver Salary Uk

I’ve always been interested in machinery – engines, cars, motorbikes etc. Aslef, she says, always tries to prevent industrial action: "We don't want to strike. Additionally to the driving you "hike" the various depots and sidings when all the routes, signals and moves specific to each are covered in depth. http://assistepc.com/train-driver/london-underground-train-driver-pay.php For the first time you’re going to be out there on your own, putting everything that you’ve learnt into practice for the first time – no one to ask, no one

My first duty was a late turn, preparing a train in Ealing Common depot and taking it into service for the evening "peak". Dlr Jobs Anyway, I left the assessment feeling reasonably confident that I had done well enough to pass this hurdle. I thought GBP49,673 was the standard starting salary for full timers? __________________ But now we get on with the job of organising for the future just as Fidel Castro would have

We would now go either to Stonebridge Depot (to continue on 72TS) if we were destined for "Deep Tube" stocks or Edgware Road (to train on C69 Stock photo) if we

To the Top of this Page Weeks Two to Four and a Half These weeks were taken up with Operational Procedures Training (OPT) that has taken the place of the old Well, you can't. those who are completely new to London Underground) were finding that it was too intensive, as they did not have the benefit of the prior knowledge of the organisation and its Tube Driver Pedal The Computer Based Testing presents you with a question and multiple answers; you have to pick the right one.

You must read this document prior to submitting your application in order to understand every aspect of the process. Now I’m a reasonably mechanically minded sort of person. When we do vote for strike action, it's because communication has broken down." So what are the pitfalls? "Well, the worst thing in the world is if you've made no announcement click site After completing your training and moving up to a full driver position, you can expect to earn commensurately more – almost double, in fact.

It’s not often on London Underground that this happens. When we compared the marks (as one does) we found that he had marked everyone at 85%, except me – I had been given (to my embarrassment) 95%. Overloads – these air electrical switches engaged by air pressure that allows traction current to reach the motors, thus enabling the train to move. Some of it seemed a very long time ago and you felt you had to really rack your brain to recall what the answer was.

We spent four days doing this, dealing with a myriad of faults and resolving them and, if we could not, describing what actions would be used using another driver or train Levers, pulleys, and ramps might not seem like something you need to review, but the assessment centre test will also evaluate your mechanical comprehension. Anyway, a couple of days later I was informed that I had been successful and that confirmation of my Depot and Training date would follow in due course. HOW TO BECOME A LONDON UNDERGROUND TRAIN DRIVER BOOK plus bonus items BUY NOW FOR ONLY £9.97(plus p+p) 10 Day Money Back Secure Payment Immediate Dispatch ORDER NOW LONDON UNDERGROUND TRAIN

The week started with the usual round of introductions; who we were, where we’d come from, what we’d done in the past and so on and the Instructor outlined what was You then return from Wimbledon to Earls Court driving a D78 Stock, once again handling the train as you would in passenger service. You will have to ensure that the train is in good working order before leaving. The process was then repeated for the C69 Stock, although I will admit that as we done this same stuff so recently it did feel a little unnecessary.

Met Driver View Public Profile Send a private message to Met Driver Find More Posts by Met Driver Registered users do not see these banners - join today! 23rd December 2015, When you receive your confirmation email, contact TFL or the centre itself for more details. The interviewers were a representative of Recruitment Services and (I think) a Train Operations Manager. The tests themselves are all time limited, but there is no limit to the time given on practice sessions before each group of tests.

Find out about the cookies we use. Useful Links Contact Forum www.traindriver.org London Underground... From this I assumed the Piccadilly Line and, I have to say, of the original depots this would have been the best option. I don’t remember sleeping too well and, by the time the great day dawned, I had convinced myself that it wasn’t even worth turning up but that I might as well

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