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at the DOS prompt for a list of these parameters. 3.8 Smart Move Feature When Smart Move is enabled, the cursor automatically goes to the default push button when a dialog Nor should you attempt to load the DOS mouse driver in a DOS box under Windows. 3.4 MOUSEDRV.INI Parameters See MOUSEDRV.TXT for more information on the mouse configuration file. 3.5 Loading a drive letter or a path within a lot of batch-files BIGFILE.ZIP Creates a large file with desired size; useful to force other files to the end of the disk, e.g. http://www.vogonsdrivers.com/lofi/ VOGONS Vintage Driver Library This is a collection of drivers for vintage hardware, as collected and contributed by the upstanding members of the VOGONS Forums. this contact form

This command should be used to assure that changes made through the MMBUS program will be reflected in Windows. These drivers are called: DGLOGI.COM and DGLOGI.EXP. You can also access the MouseWare Control Center via the mouse icon in the Windows Control Panel. 3.1 Installing Over a Previous Release To install over a previous version of MouseWare Edit this entry! http://support.logitech.com/en_in/product/optical-mouse-ps2

Dos 6.22 Mouse Driver

This release also includes support for the new Logitech MouseMan Bus Board. To run T.BAT follow instructions below: 1) Insert the MouseWare diskette into the floppy drive. 2) Change your DOS prompt to match the floppy drive being used. 3) At the A: See the example below: C:\MOUSE\MOUSE.EXE C:\MOUSE\DGLOGI.COM While in AutoCAD, configure your digitizer to ADI digitizer or AutoDesk Device Interface (depending on your release), and select the default interrupt (0x79).

If the cloaking interface is present the DOS mouse driver program will automatically load in extended memory. WHAT'S NEW IN THIS RELEASE MouseWare 7.2 works with any Logitech or Microsoft-compatible pointing device(s). At the A: or B: prompt type: COPY DGLOGI.COM C:\MOUSE [Enter]. Mouse.sys Download There is no material that is knowingly illegal here.

Also included is a new Windows 95 user interface and drivers. Dos Mouse Driver Virtualbox As a result, the BIOS may configure the MouseMan Bus Board in conflict with this card. To access MouseWare Control Center open the Main Group, now double click on the CONTROL PANEL icon. Please do not link directly to the file itself, it will not work.

Double click this icon to open the MouseWare Control Center. Cute Mouse Driver Your system supports Plug and Play if it has any one of the following elements: -Plug and Play BIOS -Intel Configuration Manager for DOS/Windows 3.x -Logitech MouseWare version 7.1 or above The first of these drivers, DGLOGI.COM, is a real mode driver for use with AutoCAD release 10. To remove the old MouseWare Windows software: DEL C:\WINDOWS\LMOUSE\*.* RD C:\WINDOWS\LMOUSE DEL C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\LMOUSE.DLL This example assumes the Windows directory is named: "C:\WINDOWS." To remove the old MouseWare DOS files: DEL C:\MOUSE\CLICK.EXE

Dos Mouse Driver Virtualbox

http://www.vogonsdrivers.com/lofi/ VOGONS Vintage Driver Library This is a collection of drivers for vintage hardware, as collected and contributed by the upstanding members of the VOGONS Forums. view publisher site It can be used in both 16 bit or 8 bit ISA slots (though IRQ channels above 7 will not be available when the board is installed in an 8 bit Dos 6.22 Mouse Driver Typing MMBUS without a parameter will display a list of supported parameters. Freedos Mouse Driver Please add the following lines: SET LMOUSE=C:\MOUSE C:\MOUSE\MOUSE.EXE 7) You will now need to edit the SYSTEM.INI file located in the WINDOWS directory.

After running this you will need to load the drivers. weblink Refer to your package for the type of port your mouse supports. 4) If you must connect the mouse through the mouse port, add the following modifications to the C:\MOUSE\MOUSEDRV.INI file, DISK CONTENTS 9.1 Windows 95 Program Files BASIC.DLL Mouse Properties CCMSGHK.DLL CCRESGLB.DLL CCRESRCE.DLL CCSTMGLB.DLL CCUSTOM.DLL CMOUSECC.DLL DEVICES.DLL EM_EXEC.EXE Event Macro Executive EVENTEX.DLL COMNCTR.DLL LOGILANG.DLL LMOUSE.VXD Windows mouse driver (for Windows 95) vogons.org will not be held responsible for users' posts. Mouse.com Download

If you wish to install CLOAKING in the CONFIG.SYS file, add the line: "DEVICE=C:\MOUSE\CLOAKING.EXE" after the supported memory manager is loaded. MEMTEST86 (HTML) Another great memory tester; writes a bootable disk that has no filesystem, so don't wonder if the disk appears unreadable... This will occur if your DOS version is 6.0 or greater, you are running EMM386.EXE, and you are not already loading a version of CLOAKING. navigate here DOS AND WINDOWS 3.X A Logitech SenseWare group is created to include the new program icons.

This program can run under DOS and Windows. Dos Cdrom Driver WINDOWS 95 2.1 Loading Drivers Only 2.2 Uninstall Program 3. If this external mouse has three buttons, the following modifications should be made to the MOUSEDRV.INI file: [PS2] NumberOfButtons=3 The connected device model may also be specified.

ADI DRIVER (DOS VERSION ONLY) 6.1 The DOS AutoCAD Mouse Drivers MouseWare 7.2 includes two mouse drivers for use with AutoCAD.

First "COM3" or "COM4" must be added to the PortSearchOrder line in the [Global] section. Simply power down the system, insert the board in an available slot, connect your mouse and restart the system. DOS AND WINDOWS 3.X 3.1 Installing Over a Previous Release 3.2 Manually Decompressing Files 3.3 Installing For DOSSHELL 3.4 MOUSEDRV.INI Parameters 3.5 Loading the Driver into High Memory 3.6 Cloaking Feature Ms Dos Download This will expand all the compressed files.

If MouseWare has already been installed, double click on the "Mouse ReadMe" icon in the Logitech SenseWare Group. ************************************************************** README TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Emulation of old PCs, PC hardware, or PC peripherals. CLOAKING.EXE is automatically installed during the standard MouseWare 7.2 installation for DOS and Windows 3.X. his comment is here The mouse buttons CAN be changed within AutoCAD Release 12 or greater.

Categories: Home Graphics 3Dfx 3Dlabs Alliance Artist Graphics ATi Bitboys/TriTech Chromatic Cirrus Logic Intel Intergraph Matrox Number 9 nVidia Other PowerVR Rendition S3 Silicon Motion SiS Trident Tseng Labs Yamaha (3D) GETXMS.ZIP Allocates an XMS block temporarely HIRAM.ZIP Hardware UMBs for 386 and 486 computers INFORMER.ZIP An excellent system information tool; Freeware; MAXLLF.ZIP Low Level formatter from Maxtor; Old version that works mw72.7z is ready to download!Click to begin download!If you wish to bookmark this download, please add this landing page as the bookmarked URL. More information is available in the AutoCAD Interface, Installation, and Performance Guide, and in the AutoCAD Reference Manual. 7.

NSSI (HTML) Navrátil Software System Information; Good system information tool; Freeware PCISET.ZIP Small tools to change PCI registers RDOSUMB.ZIP Hardware UMBs for 386 and 486 computers SYNCTIME.ZIP Sets the DOS-clock to Included on the MouseWare diskette is a program called T.BAT. Style borrowed from and copyright VOGONS 2002-2013.This site is not affiliated with vogons.org or zetafleet.com of old, it is a community project by VOGONS Forum members. These are software configurable as described in the Software Configuration Utility section below.

This driver has full support for all the Logitech pointing devices. In Windows 95 the information is stored in the registry instead of the MOUSEDRV.INI file. Follow the instructions below: Insert the Logitech MouseWare diskette into the A: or B: drive. It will set the COM port number of the board to the value named. /WINDIR= This command is used to name the directory in which Windows is installed.

These drivers also work with 2-button mice by simulating a middle button when you click both buttons at once. Do not install MouseWare 7.2 in Windows NT. DISK CONTENTS 9.1 Windows 95 Program Files 9.2 Windows 3.1 Program Files 9.3 DOS Program Files 9.4 Installation Program Files ________________________________________ 1. Have the Hardware Wizard conduct a complete search for new devices, then use the Have Disk option to copy the mouse driver from the floppy disk. 2.2 Uninstall Program MouseWare 7.2

WHAT'S NEW IN THIS RELEASE 2. At the DOS prompt type the following: README If you are using Windows, run Notepad and open README.TXT. Current cards usally have a larger BIOS that contain the 8x14 font again. To decompress a file manually, use the LGEXPAND.EXE utility provided on the installation disk.

Copy the DGLOGI.EXP file to this directory.