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If you only otherwise use NDIS-based applications, this is not an issue.  If you only use PD-based applications, theoretically you should be able to get them to work with the XFS primitive.  It can be done, but it's somewhat limited, slow, and painful to install due to multiple driver and network protocols.  So, get ready for some fun! Thanks to Mark O' If you want a mouse to work on your bootdisk copy mouse.com to your bootdisk and add a line in the autoexec.bat like this: mouse, or a:\mouse.com, Is there any recommended mouse driver for DOS ? http://assistepc.com/mouse-driver/load-mouse-driver.php

I commented out SETVER as it generally shouldn't be needed.  Unless you plan on running particularly old (even by MS-DOS 6.x standards) software or drives, you can leave this disabled to then we have F12, other F keys, Ctrl-Alt-q, Ctrl-Alt-s, Ctrl-Alt-d, Ctrl-Alt-p, Ctrl-Esc, Ctrl-Shift-s and combinations of above. how can i check that i have mouse.com file ? Insert the diskette and run a:\setup.bat c:\dos Enter S to install selected components only Choose Y or N as each component is listed.  The only options I find interesting are the https://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000007.htm

Dos 6.22 Mouse Driver

Originally Posted by danishdeshmuk nothing helped me out in this regard (in your first post you wrote:) How to load the drivers for mouse & keyboard from MS-DOS ? Check out this webinar to learn how an SD-WAN simplified, one-click tool can help you migrate and manage data in the cloud. The crux of this batch f… Microsoft DOS How to monitor services on your network and why?

Make sure tho you have at least mscdex.exe and himem.sys on your bootdisk. The time now is 06:59. To begin, unpack and copy over both the driver disk and configuration manager (linked above), then change to the driver disk directory. Mouse.sys Download To install CuteMouse, copy bin\ctmouse.exe to c:\dos.  Then, edit autoexec.bat and add: c:\dos\ctmouse.exe /3 CuteMouse supports quite a few options, so run ctmouse.exe /?

I recommend leaving the Start Options set to "Run Network Client".  The Load Pop-up option is only useful if you plan on communicating with other LAN systems using the old netbios Mouse.com Download dir *.* |more (This gives option "Strike a key when ready" for next page) mouse.com - Microsoft Mouse Driver which provides mouse pointer device support. If you know the brand of the card or type of chip, sometimes the card makers have ID utilities that you can download to properly identify the specific model so you http://cutemouse.sourceforge.net/ A whole slew of laptops have cmos access software on the hard drive.

A working physical DOS system is the most authentic way to (re-)experience classic PC games.  DOSBox does an amazing job of supporting DOS games on modern platforms, but for perfect accuracy, Dos Cd Rom Driver The program list in the bottom pane seems like the most interesting part to me.  In addition to customizing it through the GUI, you can also edit dosshell.ini to tweak it In addition, you cant always trust what video card windows "thinks" is installed. When I plug it into PS/2 slot (with adaptor) the USB mouse will work on any machine.Does it include your new ASUS motherboard?

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For some… Windows Batch Microsoft DOS Shell Scripting Scripting Languages Advanced Batch File Programming: YESTERDAY.BAT Article by: paultomasi YESTERDAY YESTERDAY.BAT is inspired by a previous article I wrote entitled: TOMORROW.BAT (http://www.experts-exchange.com/OS/Microsoft_Operating_Systems/MS_DOS/A_4196-Advanced-Batch-File-Programming-TOMORROW-BAT.html). An important CuteMouse feature is its small memory footprint: the resident part (TSR) occupies less than 3.5K. Dos 6.22 Mouse Driver Both are simply text files, Config.sys is loaded first and contains instructions to load resident device drivers and configure them, then 'autoexec.bat' is processed line by line exactly as though the Freedos Mouse Driver And at the DOS prompt, try typing 'help', all the information on autoexec.bat and config.sys is available in the help files.

For reference, here's my config.sys file at this point: REM configure boot options SWITCHES=/f REM enable memory management DEVICE=c:\dos\himem.sys /testmem:off DEVICEHIGH=c:\dos\emm386.exe ram 24576 highscan notr i=b000-b7ff DOS=high,umb REM load device drivers this contact form Back to top Back to FreeDos and Dos 0 user(s) are reading this topic 0 members, 0 guests, 0 anonymous users Reply to quoted postsClear reboot.pro → Groups → Windows Switch disks (twice) when prompted, and reboot to complete installation After rebooting, you'll be in a fresh, and very basic, DOS environment. If you are installing a new video card, make sure you boot to Safe Mode and in Device Manager, remove the old video card(s). Dos Mouse Driver Virtualbox

with COMPBUST, an universal EXE expander (works in pure DOS only, crashes in DOS-Box) VC400SW.ZIP Volkov-Commander V4.00; NC-Clone, very small and fast, perfect NC-look VC401SW.ZIP Volkov-Commander V4.01 VCPATCH.ZIP Patch for Volkov-Commander Other popular keys include F1 or F2 and for Compaqs, F10 when the big cursor is in the upper right of the screen for example. CDROM.ZIP Universal ATAPI CD ROM driver from Benq; needs only 5K GCDROM SATA CD ROM driver CHANGE.ZIP Search + replace of strings in any files; useful to modify e.g. have a peek here To locate a file in MS-DOS Type either of the below commands at C:\>.

Supplemental Note #4: This utility uses dos drivers to make your cdrom work. Dos Usb Driver NDIS Driver NDIS driver installation is quite a bit more involved.  It can be installed manually like the PD, but instead we're going to let installation and configuration be handled by Next, edit c:\config.sys and add/change the following (again, other settings should be left alone for now): SWITCHES=/f DEVICE=c:\dos\himem.sys /testmem:off DEVICEHIGH=c:\dos\emm386.exe ram i=b000-b7ff DOS=high,umb BREAK=on rem DEVICEHIGH=c:\dos\setver.exe The /f option to SWITCHES

That might be another solution but we need brand/model of mouse.

Select "The listed names are correct" to return Choose Change Setup Options Select Change Redir Options I recommend using the Basic Redirector if possible to save memory.  The only reason you MS-Client updated your system configuration files during setup, so let's review those changes and make a couple changes.  First, edit config.sys and change the following: DEVICEHIGH=c:\dos\net\ifshlp.sys IFSHLP is the installable file All rights reserved. Dos 6.22 Boot Disk Essentially all you do is either load up ohci.exe or uhci.exe in autoexec.bat Please note that while the UBS Mouse files "should" get your USB mouse to work OK in simple

DOS) and here you can use your keyboard & the keyboard works fine at DOS environment ............ 3rd June 2012,21:26 4th June 2012,09:35 #14 FvM View Forum Posts Private Very often have to take out your video card from the computer to properly Identify it so you can find the right drivers. Packet Driver Configuration Whether you installed the native PD or the NDIS PD shim, you won't be able to test network functionality using currently available utilities.  The PD only provides an http://assistepc.com/mouse-driver/m-uvdel1-mouse-drivers.php If the cdrom is on its own channel by itself, I like to set it to master but it works most of the time when set to slave also.