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wvlan_cs is bound in config, wavelan2_cs is bound in wavelan2_cs.conf. Configuration and other hardware related information Post a reply 2 posts • Page 1 of 1 Help Lucent Technologies WaveLan/IEEE driver ! Jesus Molina has a patch to include Scanning support in the Symbol version of the Orinoco driver. Use as a regular PCI network driver. navigate to this website

USB adapters: for Lucent/Agere, use the Orinoco-USB driver, for PrismII adapters, use linux-wlan-ng. Note that most firmware updater require a specific version of the Windows driver to work. Likely to be firmware issues... Pavel also maintains a version of the driver that can be used in many kernel, this is available in the CVS: Orinoco CVS David was the main maintainer of the driver, http://members.driverguide.com/matches.php?h=37b6d976995908baafe64b2b91d319a1&ids%5B0%5D=116977&ids%5B1%5D=116982&ids%5B2%5D=249116&ids%5B3%5D=219312&ids%5B4%5D=116976&ids%5B5%5D=116975&ids%5B6%5D=116972&ids%5B7%5D=116971&a

In IBSS Ad-Hoc mode it indicates the cell the node has joined. This may be also achieved using the specific networking scripts of some distributions. Proxim is selling an Orinoco 802.11a and Orinoco 802.11g which are based on the Atheros chipset.

Multi-firmware (1.16 -> 6.16) and multi-vendor (Lucent, Enterasys & ELSA) support. All files are original, not repacked or modified in any way by us. Multi configuration, using Pcmcia schemes and wireless.opts (see below). Under heavy load or interferences, few of them: this is normal.

My main contribution was the Wireless Extensions support (of course), multi-firmware support and a few bug fixes. If you can receive but not transmit with your Access Point, try playing with the use_old_encaps module option. Multi-setup (profiles): use the Pcmcia scheme mechanism (see Pcmcia Howto) with network.opts and wireless.opts. https://docs.google.com/document/d/14q3syP8Jj8xzEjhcQykN9lFr1IFt-O892Y-d5V8qyhU There are three drivers supporting the same Wavelan IEEE hardware.

The Wavelan IEEE is the current generation of Wireless LAN hardware offered by Lucent (and others). Some people strongly beleive in the concept of Free Software and Open Source, especially when it come to stuff that reside in kernel space. SMP: The driver is fully SMP safe and has been successfully tested on a SMP box, including Wireless Extensions. This patch has now been integrated in the latest release.

The lack of source code make debugging in most case impossible. http://www.netstumbler.org/hardware/help-lucent-technologies-wavelan-ieee-driver-t14800.html iwpriv ethX set_port3 1: Force the standard Ad-Hoc mode to be the old Ad-Hoc demo mode. More investigation needed. Sign in to continue to Docs Enter your email Find my account Sign in with a different account Create account One Google Account for everything Google About Google Privacy Terms Help

They also have a bunch of Orinoco firmware versions. useful reference Jim Carter has sent me an version of the scanning patch for v0.13a (based on the version of Moustafa). Search DriverGuide 2. A few reasons: Full source code.

Those driver are now merged into the main Orinoco driver (at least in the CVS). Unsubscribe About Us Overview Contact Us Take our Site Survey Testimonials Copyright © 1996 - DriverGuide is an iCentric Corporation Company. iwpriv ethX force_reset will do a firmware reset, and iwpriv ethX card_reset will do a hard Pcmcia reset of the card. 802.3 encapsualtion: various Access Points and drivers interpret the 802.3 my review here This patch has now been integrated in the latest release.

Robert J. Better than in Windows, because both IP config and Wireless config are changed synchronously. The Orinoco driver support 3 hardware which are very closely related but slightly different: Lucent/Agere Orinoco Pcmcia cards and Apple Airport (howto) Intersil PrismII Pcmcia/PLX/PCI cards (howto) Symbol Spectrum24 HR Pcmcia

Issues and release notes for wvlan_cs Too many for my taste;-( Maintainance: David is maintaining the orinoco_cs driver.

Note that most firmware updaters require a specific version of the Windows driver to work (always messy for me). On the other hand, this page deals exclusively with orinoco_cs, the new MPL/GPL driver, now part of the kernel 2.4. Ad-hoc modes: firmware 4.X only supports Lucent proprietary Ad-hoc demo mode, whereas firmware 6.X adds supports for 802.11 compliant IBSS Ad-Hoc mode. This patch has now been integrated in the latest release.

You can also use the external Pcmcia support 3.1.29 and later. Note that the same procedure work with orinoco_cs and you can also use Wireless Extensions ;-) There was a thread on the Pcmcia Forums about the RG-1000 and Linux, including setting The Symbol CF card need the spectrum driver. http://assistepc.com/lucent-technologies/lucent-technologies-wavelan-ieee-driver-windows-98.php For Orinoco cards, IBSS Ad-Hoc mode is available only in firmware 6.06 and later.

For broken firmwares, it is possible to use driver based encryption, which is available in HostAP or as a patch for Orinoco (and this will slow down operation). allow_ibss=1 (in config.opts): Set 802.11 compliant IBSS Ad-Hoc mode if available. Rich Bowen and Dino Lachiusa explain how to setup a Wavelan IEEE card with the RG-1000. Disable all Pcmcia support from the kernel, recompile the kernel, recompile the Pcmcia package, and then configure normally.

Ad-Hoc demo mode, IBSS Ad-Hoc mode and bit rate setting have been seen to work on a D-Link card. However, all those other drivers support only one of these hardware, and only the Orinoco driver support all three of them. Promiscuous mode: does work with firmware 4.X and open network (no encryption). This page describe the state of the new Linux MPL/GPL driver for this hardware.

Those two Ad-Hoc mode are totally incompatible and do not interoperate between each other. Symbol and Ad-Hoc interoperability: Because Symbol card enable short preamble by default, you may have interoperability problem in Ad-Hoc mode with other vendors, so just do iwpriv ethX set_preamble 0 (you I did contribute to it since 1999 thanks to Hewlett Packard sponsoring my work.