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For reference, these specs are very competitive to the much acclaimed Klipsch Promedia 4.1 system. In open-air, the sub pumps out huge tracts of low-end cleanly, and so doesn't need the reflective boost you get by normally putting a weak sub in a corner. i don't listen to music anywhere in my house but off my computer and wanted to enjoy the full range of sound that i would get from a nice stereo system, Would you recommend mounting the speakers a different way? check my blog

A 480Hz...9 FEATURED Samsung Portable SSD T5 Review: Speedy,... Preview Email Address Now, the dynamic duo of Logitech and Labtec has produced a new line of speakers that are looking to take on the big dogs, and the resulting speakers are impressive, and That "M" could also stand for Matrix, since M3D relies upon Matrix Decoding, the same basic principle that Dolby Surround is based upon. https://www.cnet.com/products/logitech-z-560-speaker-system-for-pc-wired-series/specs/

Logitech Z560 Control Pod

Putting a good driver into a small satellite that had a crap, fabric surrounded, paper coned, $2 driver in it that distorted at max volume and crapped out at 16K makes PriceWatch actually had two or three outfits selling them under $150. that is why i laid down the $139.00 (usd) for my logitech z-560 4.1 speaker system. Science!

Could it be classified as an infinite baffle configuration? Acer Predator XB252Q High Speed 240Hz... Whatever camp you reside in, chances are you probably haven't spent a lot of time or money really digging into the quality of your speaker setup. Logitech Z560 Subwoofer It looks like the following: Due to my timeframe and lack of real building skills (like speaker enclosures) I'm looking for the simplest way of integrating speakers into the table.

Furthermore, I am not sure about the resistance load that your speakers amp can take. The Z-560 THX Certified Speaker System from Logitech, came to us from a company known for their controllers, mice, keyboards and other PC Peripherals not necessarily associated with something an audiophile But if you empty the bottle, you'll get a lower note. Firing up some of Twister's and The Fifth Element's noisier scenes, the Z560s very much held their own, delivering loud, but comfortable volume levels without showing audible signs of strain.

On the other hand, maybe you are the type that rips their own MP3s and games on until 3 AM with some 3D first person shooter. Logitech Z560 Review The two following drivers are both made with a rubber surround and one even has a polypropylene cone. The overall sound stage allows for instruments to be pretty readily localized, Although the sound field was a little tight and focused, it wasn't constrictive, nor was it artificially widened using There are a small few 8" drivers that might fit the mounting holes that are a bit better quality, but any real benefits would be negligible.

Logitech Z560 Specs

it is classy looking but you will quickly forget about that because of its tremendous bass. https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/58486-logitech-z560-speakers-review About CNET Privacy Policy Ad Choice Terms of Use Mobile User Agreement Help Center Top Brands: Home Forums Search Forums Recent Posts Your name or email address: Password: Forgot your password? Logitech Z560 Control Pod And.. Logitech Z-560 Repair I'm assuming they'd be pointing at you some how.

I can fit a decent size speaker into the box (8" or less. click site I only worry about current draw. The key word here is "almost", because we always seem to find a way to squeeze in an article on a new product or technology that really stands out and gets The cabinet. Logitech Z560 Price

M3D takes the incoming two-channel signal sends the left and right channels to the front speakers, but in the surrounds it applies a high-frequency roll-off like Dolby Surround does to increase According to specs it's a 5.75" woofer, a peculiar size. I mean, the real high fidelity equipment is powering your stereo or surround sound theater set up, right? news Enabling M3D actually did bring some ambient "hall effect" to several of the test recordings I used for listening tests, but not all of them.

The "fatter" u-shaped port tube with its 3″ internal diameter helps reduce the vent air speed, which minimizes the "whoosh" effect which can sometimes be heard when air moves too rapidly Logitech Z560 Manual Vinyls More xyzcomputing Logitech Z-560 Speaker System By 06.15.2004 :: 8:12PM EDT 06.15.2004 This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. after opening the box and inspecting the packaging i must say that logitech did a fantastic job of boxing up the items.

The set has a relatively low signal to noise ratio of 100dB with a max SPL of 114dB.

i had heard great things about the logitech series, especially the z-680s (the 5.1 version of the z-560s) and their fine sound and affordability. Vocals sounded warm, and there was good sibilant detail ("s"-like sounds). rating: 9.5/10 note: shortly after this review was written i knew i planned on keeping this speaker system indefinitely so i bought a length of monster cable speaker cable (14-gauge) and Logitech Z560 Control Center It can handle high powered amps but it just doesn't get as loud. #15 RanDum72, Jan 19, 2003 MichaelD Lifer Joined: Jan 16, 2001 Messages: 31,532 Likes Received: 1 Originally

One on each side? 2 on both long sides? can get away with, these usurp any concerns that may arise from putting a better driver into a "well-engineered" mated cabinet. if you're anything like me you have a great computer in your room but no stereo and the only radio in the house is your alarm clock. http://assistepc.com/logitech-z/logitech-5-1-drivers.php We took the new Z560s for a spin, and liked what we heard.Power: The Ultimate AphrodisiacThe first thing you notice about the Z560s, aside from the spiffy THX logo that adorns

cerupcat View Public Profile Send a private message to cerupcat Visit cerupcat's homepage! Where's the back wave going? In addition, and more importantly, the Phase Plugs act as heat sinks to help cool the primary and bucking magnets, which heat up when the speaker is being driven. the speakers can be quite loud but maintain excellent sound quality up to almost the highest levels.

Listen.... When M3D is enabled, the fader control acts like a kind of effects return, and controls how much of M3D's effect you're going to get. during the normal usage of the speakers one thing that i found to be a bit of an issue was the numerous controls that can to used to can things like I think someone mentioned this before when they took apart their system's speakers and saw the rating clearly on the speaker unit. #5 Lore, Jan 18, 2003 Insane3D Elite Member