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Logitech Mouse Dos Drivers

For example, to decompress the file "WMOUSECC.EXE" to your hard disk, type: A:\lgexpand A:\WMOUSECC.EX% C:\MOUSE\WMOUSECC.EXE Please make sure that the destination directory (C:\MOUSE in this example) exists before you issue this To access this program, click on the Add/Remove Programs icon in the Windows 95 Control Panel. Wheel data protocol processing again based on code from Konstantin Koll. By default, the board assumes Windows is installed in: C:\Windows. this content

DISK CONTENTS 9.1 Windows 95 Program Files 9.2 Windows 3.1 Program Files 9.3 DOS Program Files 9.4 Installation Program Files ________________________________________ 1. This also allows easy installation in FreeDOS, just unzip. OS/2 should automatically detect and support the Logitech mouse connected to your system when OS/2 is installed. Your system supports Plug and Play if it has any one of the following elements: -Plug and Play BIOS -Intel Configuration Manager for DOS/Windows 3.x -Logitech MouseWare version 7.1 or above http://www.uwe-sieber.de/util_e.html

Word97 WIPEFILE.ZIP Overwrites files; works in the DOS-Box of Win95 too - other tools doens't really overwrite anything because of too much optimazion of the Windows filecache WIPEFREE.ZIP Wipes the free The uninstall program will remove all control center files but will not remove the mouse driver itself. 3. show error message if pre-VGA, old version only tuned videoregs if EGA The latest alpha version in the 2.0 branch is v2.0 alpha 4.

Post a reply 2 posts • Page 1 of 1 Reply with quote DOS Drivers for Logitech "Click! This release also includes support for the new Logitech MouseMan Bus Board. You may now access the Button Assignments and the Cursor Enhancements. 8.2 Manual Installation for Windows 95 (T95.BAT) To manually install MouseWare 7.2 under Windows 95 restart the your computer in Using the Registry Editor, REGEDIT, search for the NumberOfButtons key and change its value to "3" instead of "2." The REGEDIT program is not easy to use, so try this alternative:

Windows NT Support 6. It can be used in both 16 bit or 8 bit ISA slots (though IRQ channels above 7 will not be available when the board is installed in an 8 bit Once you download the one of the installation programs above, run it to begin the installation process. made E_needvga message translateable.

Please change the following lines to read as below: [boot] mouse.drv=C:\MOUSE\LMOUSE.DRV [386Enh] mouse=C:\MOUSE\LVMD.386 keyboard=C:\MOUSE\LVKD.386 8) Now reboot the computer to make these changes take effect. 9) To verify the DOS driver If it's the PS2 one, or they do have an adapter, a generic driver should work - try CTMouse or something. The old BC3.1 mousetst was very un-portable to another C. Only three through seven will be available if the board is in an 8 bit slot. /COM=1 | 2 | 3 | 4 (Legacy Mode) This command can be used only

echo TODAY.ZIP | datefile gives on 1st Feb. 1999 a 19990201.ZIP DOSLFN.ZIP (118K) TSR with INT 21h LFN Extensions; The best LFN tools for DOS; works with FAT32; write access on http://cutemouse.sourceforge.net/ If you are not interested in the technical details of the board skip to Installation section. 7.2 General Description The Logitech MouseMan Bus Board is a single port, 16550 based serial Select Logitech MouseWare and press the Remove button. If you have a PS/2 or bus mouse, skip down to step 2.

If applicable, set the button or switch on the bottom of your mouse to “2.” Genius Mouse Genius’ mice are compatible with the Logitech Mouse Driver above. news Reboot and check if the mouse is detected properly. 3) If adapter(s) were not including in your package, your mouse was designed to work on only one type of port (Serial Follow the instructions below: Insert the Logitech MouseWare diskette into the A: or B: drive. If you need a copy of the current DOS mouse driver for your mouse, try one of the links below.

NSSI (HTML) Navrtil Software System Information; Good system information tool; Freeware PCISET.ZIP Small tools to change PCI registers RDOSUMB.ZIP Hardware UMBs for 386 and 486 computers SYNCTIME.ZIP Sets the DOS-clock to In Legacy mode, the board supports the four standard comport addresses and numerous IRQs. All rights reserved. have a peek at these guys If, you are running version 2.0, choose "Logitech [tm] Mouse". 5.

Both the real and the protected mode ADI drivers require that you load the Logitech DOS mouse driver prior to using the ADI drivers. Once this is done, the device should work following system reboot. 4. PS2RATE.ZIP PS/2 mouse sampling rate changer for windows 95/98 (v0.4); makes the mousepointer move smoother; I found a NT4 version too: PS2R_NT.ZIP; works with one special version of I8042PRT.SYS only UPX

If MouseWare has already been installed, double click on the "Mouse ReadMe" icon in the Logitech SenseWare Group. ************************************************************** README TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.

Devilot Newbie Posts: 2Joined: 2004-8-21 @ 05:05 Top Reply with quote Re: DOS Drivers for Logitech "Click! To access MouseWare Control Center open the Main Group, now double click on the CONTROL PANEL icon. This manufacturer makes Input Devices (mouse, etc.), Other Devices, Scanner. Look at the bottom of your mouse, if it says "CA", "CC", "CE" or "C7," then you own a C-Series mouse, otherwise you own an M-Series mouse. 2) Double click the

At the A: or B: prompt type: COPY DGLOGI.COM C:\MOUSE [Enter]. Please note that the drive and directory may be different on your computer system. To disable the Cloaking driver: If you run DOS 6.0 or above: 1) Reboot your computer. 2) During the reboot process press the F5 key to disable CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT. 3) check my blog Please add the following lines: SET LMOUSE=C:\MOUSE C:\MOUSE\MOUSE.EXE 7) You will now need to edit the SYSTEM.INI file located in the WINDOWS directory.

Also, do not launch Windows from DOSSHELL, which may result in a loss of mouse functionality under Windows. USB BIOS support usually does not support the "enable wheel protocol" handshake, and if you hotplug a mouse (NOT recommended for PS/2), it will boot in non-wheel mode. Needs VB4-32 Runtimes PowerOff.ZIP A small program to schedule a shutdown/reboot/logoff/poweroff at a certain time. You should now see the Logitech Mouse Icon.

Wheel programming info is included in the v2.x packages. DOS AND WINDOWS 3.X 3.1 Installing Over a Previous Release 3.2 Manually Decompressing Files 3.3 Installing For DOSSHELL 3.4 MOUSEDRV.INI Parameters 3.5 Loading the Driver into High Memory 3.6 Cloaking Feature This driver works in DOS,windows 3.1, 3.11, and windows 95. Typing MMBUS without a parameter will display a list of supported parameters.

Plus Optical Mouse Driver DownloadsLogitech Elite Keyboard Driver DownloadsLogitech G3 Laser Mouse Driver DownloadsLogitech V470 Cordless Laser Mouse Driver DownloadsLogitech Wireless Mouse M510 Driver DownloadsLogitech HID Compliant G5 Laser Mouse Driver To run T.BAT follow instructions below: 1) Insert the MouseWare diskette into the floppy drive. 2) Change your DOS prompt to match the floppy drive being used. 3) At the A: Categories: Home Graphics 3Dfx 3Dlabs Alliance Artist Graphics ATi Bitboys/TriTech Chromatic Cirrus Logic Intel Intergraph Matrox Number 9 nVidia Other PowerVR Rendition S3 Silicon Motion SiS Trident Tseng Labs Yamaha (3D) The board supports two hardware configuration modes: Automatic mode, and Legacy mode.

Next, the "BaseAddress=" and "IRQValue=" lines in the [COM3] or [COM4] section of the file must reflect the actual values of the port. This action will prevent the Cloaking driver from loading. 3) Edit AUTOEXEC.BAT or CONFIG.SYS and remove the Cloaking driver line. 8.7 Trouble With America Online Under Windows95 There is a compatibility If you are installing over a version prior to 6.3 you may have some files on the hard disk which are not used. To run this program type: "T95 A:" or "T95 B:" at the DOS prompt.

improved the English help message v2.1 beta 1 removed RIL interface: non-RIL apps caused graphics corruption reading VGA registers: no RIL needed but VGA hardware needed backup/restore VGA registers in copysprite