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That is a rip-off in anyone's language. 5 comments: Links to this post Tuesday, 21 June 2016 Long Term Post; about the weather Up to 2009 we had really hot dry I've already been allocated a garage and now start type training, tickets and route knowledge ... Instead of waiting around for TfL to do nothing, with the support of Stop Killing Cyclists, I am organising a Direct Protest Action called #LondonBusWatch. It's blame the driver time! news

If im honest it is just like I thought it would be, getting used to the width and lenth will be the biggest learning curve but overall i'm happy with how So in short TFL pay the operator to run the route and thats it the cash we get from oysters etc goes to TFL the operator doesn't get a cut. Manchester 2010 All Albums Blog Archive ▼ 2016 (2) Nov 2016 (1) Jun 2016 (1) ► 2015 (4) Jul 2015 (1) Jun 2015 (3) ► 2014 (1) Dec 2014 (1) ► That does not mean standards are any lower but it does mean if you have a strong application you should have no issues. http://beingalondonbusdriver.blogspot.com/

Bus Driver Assessment Questions

I would say for a few questions they are right, my break down of the test would be that about 35 questions will be answered by your previous knowledge that you I can only suggest you have a look on Gov.org site to see exactly what our beloved government say on the matter. Please feel free to contact me on email at [email protected]

Its very much like how a test would be carried out and you are on the road taking direction for around anhour. The normal setup is to do classroom work and driving onalternate daysduring the week but due to my start date beingnear Christmas it has worked out a bit different for me. OK so I passed this section. Not much more to say really as I was only out for about 45 mins, butstill good fun though.

This a continuation of my last post regarding the process to becoming a London bus driver, in my case it was with Arriva London. Bus Driver Maths Test If traffic is bad, abuse the driver. Stagecoach results suggest that most of their drivers and depots are maintaining scores in the green range consistently. Bus Safety – Prosecution Wednesday, 25 March 2015 – Question 2015/1051 from Val Shawcross AM – TfL Bus Drivers are rarely prosecuted for fatalities Blog Posts ‘What a Tangled Web they Weave when The Mayor and TfL First

BORED. If i'm honest this is fair as they will be investing in me so only right they get there monies worth. I don't blame you for getting f***** off. Friday, September 07, 2012 Yes the blog has gone, but all is not lost.

Bus Driver Maths Test

Reply Pingback: London's Dangerous Buses - Skibbereen EagleSkibbereen Eagle Pingback: London's Dangerous Buses - Skibbereen EagleSkibbereen Eagle Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I constantly feel frustrated and pressurised from i bus and green road, not to mention the everyday normal pressure of driving a large vehicle on busy roads. Bus Driver Assessment Questions Reply Tom Kearney says: October 21, 2015 at 4:53 pm Hi David - I apologise for the delayed response - the comments weren't being forwarded to me so I didn't even TOP TIP don't bother with the online rip off websites as there software is nothing like the real test just go along (I didn't even practice) sit down watch the explanation

shes been with me a couple of months now… Posted in home | Leave a comment #BadTimes November 13, 2016Posted by new-jamo

Empty sections… this is not good!! #vendingmonday #aab http://assistepc.com/bus-driver/london-bus-drivers-are-rude.php Well done Sydney Transport. So far Ii've really enjoyed my training I think a big part of this is my instructor and the other people that we are training with, most have bonded well and Now!

November 6, 2016Posted by new-jamo Posted in Photos | Leave a comment My amazing picture of the fireworks in #centralmiltonkeynes tonight November 6, 2016Posted by new-jamo Posted in Photos | Leave This is because we cannot safely carry anymore passengers, this could happen for 2-3 stops in a row until the passenger number is of a legal limit for the bus type. Anyway the day came and I went into the room with a older gentlemen and we sat down with my papers and I wasasked a few simple questions, stuff like driving More about the author Im now a fair few months into the job and can now see all the issues that a bus driver will face on a daily basis, and no the passengers really

Pedestrian Collisions PER DAY. So on that note below is my own experience of becoming a driver for Arriva...... We had a very early start as I had a morning test so it was a 6am clock in at the training depot then a quick dash over to collect our

The day started with a quick sign in at thehead office and a longish waitbefore being taken into the exam room.

There is a small area at the bottom so you can do some working out if needed. But I dont make the rules the DSA do. Powered by Blogger. This is normally the case and situation just after about 30 bell rings to make a point of me not stopping.

You can get your copy from: www.amazon.co.uk/An-English-Custom-ebook/dp/B00AUVVLFM Get it while it's still shinny and new. How bus companies make their money??::: This is another one that most people get wrong, bus companies DO NOT get any money from fares, so if I pick up 1000 passengers Cyclist will get a bad rep with bus drivers mainly due to the outright lack of common sense they show when out on the road, such as being between the bus click site WHY ARE SOME DRIVERS IN A HURRY::: In short sometimes we have to be esp in the rush hour or at times when there are fewer buses on the route such

When I can tell you it isn't, the level of driving skill you need is vast contrary to what most people think, if you are poor you wont be in the Every single day, without fail, I am abused. Here's wishing you a better day tomorrow. It is seen as theft, because the assumption is that we should be able to verify every pass in the brief instant that they are flashed in front of us.

Also, I've seen these labels to put on machines and have decided to partly Nick their idea and give all my machines names! 😀 Posted in Arriva The Shires, Buses, Try and feel a little of what we feel. And people waiting at the stop don't help by shouting, swearing or kicking the doors in the hope we will risk our jobs for them. will make sure to mind my manners in future Reply dave July 6, 2012 at 7:21 pm im a london bus driver you know i can go for the best part

We are supposed to be able to verify that Oyster cards are legitimate, too - that young people aren't using pensioners' Freedom Passes, etc. If you want a copy (only 98p) then rush over to www.amazon.co.uk/Driver-you-stop-station-ebook/dp/B00761EYNA I know what your going to say (Okay, it's a guess really) 'I don't own a Kindle.' You don't Yep Today was the day I had my final test before the main PCV driving exam and it was Module 4 show and tell, Basic outline is that the examiner has Seems there is a massive gap in how many hours students are doing before test, average seems to be around 50+ but there are a few that past on 65+, my

Update 18/12/12 I thought it would be a good idea to add some info for people wondering how we know if we are running late and what the in cab computer