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Sign in to the BBC, or Register " " Added, go to My Music to see full list. It's an emotional roller coaster and Josh returns a changed man, aware that all the separates his life from Rogelio's is the country he happened to be born in. Anyway, over the past couple of years, I think about Josh from time to time, and wonder how he is doing.  I think about Rogelio too.  I was quite happy to Bob is an American who has lived permanently in Mindanao since May 2000. http://assistepc.com/bus-driver/london-bus-driver-in-manila.php

Scavengers will collect discarded and half eaten chicken remnants from thegarbage cans outside Manila's numerous fast food restaurants androot through them to pick out the bitsthey can re-use (mostly bones, cartilage In this programme in the series where British workers accept the challenge to do their jobs in some of the toughest conditions in the world, London bus driver Josh West heads The worst are those who have a go when bad traffic makes the bus late. Is there a certain "energy" in Manila that is exciting to people that makes them hesitate to go back to the sleepy province?

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The Briton learns about Filipinos through Rogelio ("If they don't work, they don't eat," says Josh), and after a side trip to Tondo, he learns about pag-pag, a unique dish with And it will only get worse: it is estimated that in 30 years, the population will increase by 50 percent. How the driver steers the vehicle while collecting and figuring out change for the fares of different passengers is a trick he finds almost impossible to learn.

Like you said, it is probably human nature. Send Help Now Learn More Share This Article Vince Golangco Vince Golangco is the Founder & President of WhenInManila.com, where he manages over 400 contributors, writers, photographers and story tellers. Initially Rogelio rented the Jeepney, but now he is buying it on a scheme which allows him to pay for it with a portion of his daily earnings. Toughest Place To Be A Bus Driver Summary Nothing.

Josh's jeepney trip is nerve-wracking, and not only for him. Toughest Place To Be A Bus Driver Full Episode The last part of the episode shows Josh back in London behind the wheel of Bus 148, his hi-tech, air-conditioned double-decker bus, which he finds ridiculously easy to drive. If it becomes available there, I will write a follow up article and feature that too. Josh will be driving a Jeepney belonging to his host, Rogelio Castro.

As part of this documentary series, BBC sent Josh to Manila to become a bus driver there, and experience the difference between being a bus driver in London compared to Manila. Watch Toughest Place To Be A Bus Driver Where Did Money Come From, Anyway? The show's commentator informs viewers that Metropolitan Manila "…is simply running out of space." With twenty million souls packed into 638.55 square kilometers, the metropolis is one of the densest areas So I initially gave her hope but then took it away….

Toughest Place To Be A Bus Driver Full Episode

They blame him personally, though, he says, "It's not like I stopped along the way for a cup of tea". http://www.wheninmanila.com/london-bus-driver-drives-jeepney-in-manila-toughest-jobs/ First, on a lighter note, the show made a good choice in picking Josh to try his luck driving in Manila, Josh being a mild-mannered enlightened person, was at a better Toughest Place To Be A Bus Driver Watch Online skip to main | skip to sidebar There is a light that never goes out... Tuesday, 2 April 2013 TV Review: The Toughest Place To Be...A Bus Driver: Manila BBC2 Toughest Place To Be A Bus Driver Youtube Like you, I thought that Rogelio's wife looked much better now!

But when Josh isn't driving, he likes nothing better than shouting at a bunch of people and making them suffer. navigate to this website Read about our approach to external linking. The canoe guys dropped about 100 yards of net in a big half circle. Cleaner, less crowded, better all around. Josh West London Bus Driver

Like you say, the ocean of poverty is too big that a single individual cannot do it all… but you still want to. He forms a strong bond with Rogelio and is moved by the daily struggle of an ordinary Filipino working to feed his family. Joseph (Hey Joe) Stuckey Bob, You are like many of us here in the RP. http://assistepc.com/bus-driver/london-bus-driver-manila.php That anybody could think that the metropolis is not overpopulated is ridiculous, yet the country's Catholic Church opposes any government measures that would promote family planning.

MindanaoBob Hi Gerry, thanks for sharing this. Toughest Place To Be A Taxi Driver His host is Rogelio Castro and together they brave the chaos of the streets. that some might care to read.

Catherine Rasonabe very touching..

Queenie Hi Bob, I know what you mean, but you can't control the life that you've been given, it's only counter-productive to think about what you can't do, If you were But it's a tough tough life for many of the folks we'll see each day. His customers too, range from those not doing too well to American tourists looking for Hugh Grant's house, in Notting Hill. Toughest Place To Be A Bus Driver The Return I'm not sure..

He gets lost, and his passengers have to help him get back to the correct route. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. As part ofthe fantastic BBC series exploring difficult working conditions in the developing world,this programme focuses onManila, officially the most densely populated city on earth. click site A couple of days ago, I got an e-mail from another friend, Gerry.  Gerry was letting me know that there was a follow up show that recently showed in Britain, telling

In fact we actually do more than we think because an article like this stirs up compassion in the readers and many of them get involved in helping someone. MindanaoBob Thanks for your kind words, Bob. Much of its 20 million inhabitants live cheek by jowl in grinding poverty andthe citywas no doubt chosen due to its appalling road conditions and chaotic infrastructure.Theproducers no doubt thought they The feat occurred in Helmand Provi...

Deeply affected by his visit Josh decided he would do something practical in order fund the one request Rogelio had for a better life. It's a hair-raising and often hilarious ride, but Josh also learns about the incredible over-crowding and devastating poverty of Manila. Mr. He is also fascinated by the fact that there seems to be no "bus stops"--people just "wave" at the jeepney to get on.

Rogelio's greatest wish is for his two small grandchildren to go to good schools and get a decent education, but that's not yet possible because Rogelio is the only breadwinner and Looked like the whole barangay. I believe many of the participants of this website have and continue in our own way to assist many of those in some kind of need in The Philippines in what LiP Store Books Consulting Entertainment Contact Josh and Rogelio April 5, 2013 By Bob Martin 38 Comments Manila is a tough place.  It's tough in many ways.  Manila is a city

Rogelio lives in a ramshackle, self built property withtinyrooms inhabited byever growing collection of extending family. I wish I could just look the other way, but I can't seem to do it. Knowing the province of Cebu well now, I think that if I was Rogelio, I'd cast my lot and move back to the province with my family..From my experience in the Many fishermen have to balance out their earnings with some small farming too.

The two men whoop it up; Rogelio lavishly congratulates Josh for safely completing the route. It's just by chance that I was born in London‘. MindanaoBob Yes, for sure. Recent Posts Nuclear Threat in the Philippines Alaskan Adventure Part 2 As Time Goes Driving By Marriage Penalty in the Philippines Disney or Cebu Breach of Security Recent Comments Bob Martin

He was immediately smitten, and wooed her by leaving roses, in her shop doorway, with a note saying, "from a secret admirer". but It's human nature I guess.